Online Business Awards are simple to enter

Any UK SME company can enter the Online Business Awards, including UK branches or subsidiaries of companies with headquarters outside the UK, their advertising, digital, marketing or PR agencies or consultancies, or e-commerce and systems integration companies, entering on a client's behalf. The website entered and the supporting submission paper must be for the UK market. Websites containing pages for export customers are also eligible.

There's special help for startup companies: any UK SME business under one year old is entitled to one free entry to the Online Business Awards. Simply let us know you are entering and we will waive the entry fee.

If you need a hand with your entries, expert help is readily available from Boost Marketing, owners of the AwardsList. Give yourself the advantage of well-written entries and visit Please note: Boost Marketing has no financial tie up with the Online Business Awards. Preparation of your entries will be handled independently and in confidence.

Entry fees

To enter the Online Business Awards you will need to pay the entry fee for each entry you make. The fee per entry for the 2016 Awards will £165.00 + UK VAT per entry (£198.00 in total). If you feel inclined to enter more than once, then your second and subsequent entries will be invoiced to you at just £80.00 each, plus UK VAT (£96.00 in total) - less than half price. You will need to pay for your first entry, online, at the time of entry. All subsequent entries will be invoiced to you, but payment must be received before the judging commences.

What does the entry fee cover?

The fee is an administration fee covering the personnel costs involved in checking entries and their bona fides, collating all entries and bookmarking them for the judges’ ease of access, convening the judging panels, supervising the judging events, including providing the venue and covering all catering costs, as necessary, compiling the judges’ short-lists and publicising the short-list on the Online Business Awards’ website, through PR broadcasts and on the online or offline pages of media partners’ publications. Businesses may enter as many categories as wish, though each entry will incur a fee. If a business wishes to enter each division’s online activity for an award, then additional entry fees must be paid for each entry made.